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Real Estate Trends: Open v. Traditional Floor Plans

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Open concept layouts have dominated residential interior design for many years. Homes featuring large unstructured rooms combined kitchen, dining and entertainment areas. In short, one master room operating as a single living space and the heart of the home. Yet, while most homeowners have preferred open layouts, this design trend is losing ground.  

open floor plan v. traditional layout

As people spend more time at home their focus is shifting. The current stay-at-home lifestyle calls for separate spaces to work, go to school, play, exercise, and enjoy private time. But, which layout is better in the long run? Will a home with one or the other layout have an advantage when it comes to pricing a home for sale? The answer is: each floor plan has its benefits. 

real estate trends: open floor plan v. traditional layout

Pros of Open Concept Layout

  • Large unobstructed spaces maximize windows. As a result there is more natural light and better views 

  • A main communal space allows for collaboration, communication, and a sense of togetherness

  • Open spaces make it easier for parents to keep track of their children

  • Fewer walls make smaller homes and smaller spaces feel larger

  • Open floor plans allow for easier traffic flow 

  • Wide-open spaces are great for entertaining

real estate trends

Pros of Traditional Layout

  • Separate spaces allow for more privacy, and rooms can be used for multi-functional activities

  • More walls means more surfaces for furniture and art

  • Smaller rooms make it easier to contain clutter

  • Walls will add insulation, minimizing noise levels

  • Separate spaces allow for more storage options

  • Smaller areas are easier to heat and cool down 

As societal demands evolve, residential design and real estate trends change along with them.  Rather than choose between an open floor plan or a traditional layout, the solution might be a version of both. In the end, what matters most is finding a home that accommodates your individual activities based on your lifestyle choices.

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