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Choosing a Real Estate Agent Checklist

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Are you looking to buy a home in the South Shore real estate market? The most important first step is finding the best South Shore real estate agent to represent your interests throughout the process. As much as technology plays a role in real estate, nothing can replace working with an agent. But with so many agents, how do you choose the person who will help you achieve your goals? 

According to a recent study by the National Association of Realtors, 88% of buyers purchased their home using a real estate agent. There is a reason for this. Today’s buyers are up against unprecedented obstacles. They are competing with multiple bids, over-asking prices, and all cash offers with no contingencies and waived appraisals. Subsequently, the buyer using an agent is more likely to succeed. 

Choosing the Best South Shore Agent

As a buyer, it is extremely important to have your own representation. You should choose someone you trust and with whom you can build a solid relationship. Your real estate professional will represent you as your exclusive buyer's agent. They will watch the market for you, provide information - often before it becomes public - and work with you to find the best property for your needs. The best South Shore real estate agents know how to guide buyers throughout the process.

1. Determine Your Priorities

Every agent offers something different. Consider the way an agent handles attention to detail and negotiation. What is their knowledge of local communities and experience with local market conditions? What is their communication style, i.e. text, emails, phone calls, etc? Your chosen agent should have attributes which complement your goals and lifestyle. 

2. Tools and Technology

The use of real estate technology is extremely important when it comes to buying a home. Make sure the agent you choose uses leading edge tools and technology. While technology is critical, it's a tool that will take you only so far. There is always a personal component when buying or selling a home that artificial intelligence can't replicate. Professional agents who know the local market understand the differences between neighborhoods, know state-specific laws, and will be able to walk you through requirements that are particular to your goals. 

3. Watch for warning signs

Beware of agents who aggressively pursue your business. Pushing too hard could mean the agent has an agenda besides representing your interests. As in every other industry, relationships matter. You should feel comfortable communicating at all times. 

4. Consult with friends and family for referrals

When your family and friends have a positive experience, chances are you will too. But, do your homework. Listen to their experience. Weigh it against what you are looking for in an agent. Life is full of relationships, and choosing the best South Shore real estate agent for you is a decision you should consider carefully.

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