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New Home Construction: 4 Questions to Ask Your Builder

Thinking of building a new construction home as your dream home? If so, here are 4 questions to ask your builder.

1. What is the projected timeline for your new construction home?

Before you enter into a contract, work with your builder to establish a project timeline that includes an estimated move-in date. This will help you plan when to purchase furniture, move out of your existing home, or coordinate school plans for children. While the timeline may change due to material deliveries, weather setbacks, or other unforeseen issues, a timeline is a critical component for the buyer, the lender, and the builder. 

2. What are the Standard Finishes?

Ask about the standard finishes included in the new build.  Most new home builders will provide a spec sheet that includes finishes, appliances, flooring, windows, and more. While some new construction homes come with standard fixtures and appliances that are uniform throughout the house, others require extra money for upgrades, or give the buyer allowances for each category. If the standard finishes are not your style or if you are interested in upgrading it is important to be aware the different options. If you decide you want something different, understand the when you have to make those choices to stay within the timeframe of the build. 

3. Is it possible to purchase your own appliances or materials?

Your new home builder may not offer the appliances or styles you want included in your new construction home. In addition, you may not be able to choose your own materials such as tile, flooring, etc.  For instance, if you have your heart set on an intricate floor tile for your bathroom, ask your builder if you are permitted to provide your own materials to be installed by the builder. 

4. What is offered for landscaping?

Many times people focus most of their attention on interior design. But, don't forget about curb appeal. Some new construction homes do not include landscaping or provide an allowance for it. It is then up to the new home buyer to:

  • Plant and water grass

  • Create a landscape design

  • Install perimeter and foundation plantings 

This can be very time consuming and expensive. Be sure you understand when if offered in your purchase and sale. 

Contact Michelle Larnard Real Estate for listings and information on new construction homes in the South Shore real estate market. If you are interested in building your own new home, click below to download our free new construction home guide. 

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