For Buyers: Deep Connections

Life is full of relationships. At one time or another, the relationship with your REALTOR® is one of the most important connections you will have. Some people think that they should call the broker's office listed on a sign when really the opposite is true.

You should build a relationship with one real estate professional who will become your exclusive buyer's agent. In turn, they will watch the market for you, get information to you - often before it becomes public - and work with you to find the best property for your needs. Investors will find it particularly valuable to have an exclusive broker to monitor opportunities and the changing statuses of listings.

The typical real estate transaction has one-hundred thirteen different tasks that involve eleven different parties … and that’s AFTER the buyer and seller agree on terms and sign a contract! The benefits of hiring an agent far outweigh the risks of going it alone. The Michelle Larnard Real Estate Group brokers have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to help you navigate through your real estate purchase.