Luxury Select: Elite Property Sales

Elite property sales require a systematic, singular focused approach. Michelle Larnard Real Estate has a comprehensive luxury homes program catering to the special requirements of exclusive homes.

Defining What Matters

  • We understand the importance of accurately showcasing a luxury home. Working closely with the homeowner, we develop a distinct marketing narrative which properly details the home's special features.
  • Our custom marketing program extends beyond the basics. We leading edge technology and marketing strategies to generate high demand, attract the right buyers, and drive results.
  • Our luxury home specialists use a singular focus approach and pay strict attention to every detail throughout the process.
  • With a proven track record in the luxury home real estate market, we have the necessary experience, market knowledge, network, and expertise to achieve a successful sale.

What You Can Expect

  • In-depth knowledge of the local market, communities, and neighborhoods
  • Complete understanding of your home's unique features to appropriately price your home
  • A strong marketing campaign built on your home's distinct features
  • State-of-the-art technology to showcase your home, generate high demand, attract the right buyers, and drive results 
  • Strict attention to every detail throughout the process 
  • Dedicated, talented team with large sphere of influence 

Proven marketing techniques