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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Jessica & Michelle,
Thank you for all of your efforts with the sale of our home. You have a very efficient professional team that from day one was reliable, responsive and knowledgeable. You were a pleasure to deal and I sense a lot of success will be heading in your direction. Jessica you have a tremendous work ethic and a natural disposition that made us feel confident with all of your recommendations. Again, a great team effort and it's greatly appreciated.

This agent helped me to sell my home very quickly and at a good price with a very difficult buyer. She attracted this buyer from a different state in a different time zone. It was so quick that I had to find a home fast (I had to be out of my house in which I lived for 24 years and raised three  children in a month at Christmas time), we looked at a lot of different places. She listened to what I was saying when I told her what I was looking for. The home she helped me find is perfect for me. She was very responsive to all my questions and I had a lot of them. I spoke to her through email and phone calls every day (usually many times a day). She did everything I asked and went above and beyond. I would recommed this agent to anyone. She is very knowledgeable in the real estate business. She knows how to attract buyers and negotiate with sellers

We were looking for 2-family homes at the time and Michelle was very helpful in providing us any information we were looking for or answers to questions we had. As we narrowed our search, she was able to pull together the history and listed comparables to help assist us on our decision, sometimes  she would have the information as soon as she got back to the office, but always that day. After we made an offer and had the Home Inspection, she was able to work with the Seller on our behalf to inform him of the issues and concerns that we had after our home inspection. Without her assistance we wouldn't have been able to have had these issues either addressed (by the seller) or negotiated at the time of final sale. In my experiences, I have not come across a more helpful Realtor and would highly recommend her for anyone interested in purchasing a home within her Service Area. She is honest, straighforward, finds time to meet you that works in your schedule and above all, she cares. You will not second guess your choice if you contact Michelle for assistance on your prospective purchase or sale.

My wife and I worked with Michelle for about 1 year to locate a house in the Scituate/Cohasset area. Michelle was a pleasure to work with for a number of reasons. One, she is very knowledgeable about the area, what is available, and what the right process/approach should be. Two, she is very  experienced in new-build construction, as a result of selling/buying for clients and also having built a new home for her family in the recent past. We bought a new construction house in Cohasset and found Michelle's expertise to be very valuable. Third, Michelle works very hard, if something needs to get done, she does it ASAP. At the same time, she does not waste your time for the sake of staying in front of you. Fourth, Michelle is a pleasure all-around as a person, smart, grounded, family-oriented, always calm, pro-active, and very ethical. We were thrilled to work with Michelle

Michelle did a fantastic job for us in the sale of our home. We found a property we had wanted to buy with an accepted offer that included a home contingency sale for our home. As our agent, Michelle helped us with an initial market analysis to show us a realistic selling price range for a fast  sale, and assisted us in the staging of our house within a couple weeks for our first open house. We had interested buyers looking at our home from the very first day on the market with several offers coming through after each open house including on the first open house! Michelle does a great job handling the selling process from making us feel comfortable with lots of updates to positioning counter offers while understanding the buyers interest and working with both parties to negotiate the best terms. Michelle delivered for us and we were able to sell our home on time within our price range to meet our home sale contingency! We would definitely use Michelle again for her hard work ethic and ability to deliver under pressure! We are extremely happy in our new home and for the new family that moved into our prior home.

"My listing contract had expired and my realtor STILL kept trying to sell my house even when it was off market!! She never gave up on us!!"

Michelle is tireless in her work ethic and is so professional in representing our home and her company. She is a character broker with a true sense of honesty and integrity. She is light hearted and has a great demeanor so many of our home prospects were attracted to her ability to answer questions and direct them toward the answers they were seeking. A true house finder/seller. She really enjoys putting families in a new and desirable home and gets a thrill out of selling and following through with the details of closing the deal.

Michelle Larnard worked so close with us to complete the sale of our home. She had proper staging and photos taken and gave us great feedback of what buyers would like to have as well as what we could do to improve. She kept in daily contact with us and always remained positive. Our home sold in the first two weeks on the market!

Michelle Larnard went above and beyond in every area of responsibility of a real estate broker. We are extraordinarily pleased with every action she took on our behalf! In addition to her professionalism and positive attitude she was personable and when we were out of town and issues arose with the property she actually took on tasks of a property management nature at my request.

We have dealt with other realtors in and they were okay. However, I sincerely believe Michelle Lanard is the best realtor in Scituate and on the South Shore.

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