Company Overview

Over the past 19 years I've been blessed with loyal clients and a strong support system, allowing my real estate business to grow year over year. As my client-base expanded, I saw the opportunity to develop a platform to support them with a higher level of service and partnership. With this singular focus, I launched the Michelle Larnard Real Estate Group!

Servicing the South Shore from our Cohasset headquarters, our high-performing team of talented Realtors, marketing experts, and real estate coordinators help clients achieve their real estate dreams. Michelle Larnard, Broker, Owner, REALTOR®

Our Mission


Our Values

We are the stewards of what is in many cases our customers' most significant asset: their home. We treat that responsibility sacredly, align our interests deeply with our customers, and live it out every single day in our actions.

We are real-estate sales & marketing professionals, not part-time hobbyists. We strive to become real experts of the local markets we serve.

We strive to anticipate need, smooth out the rough edges of the real-estate process, and go above and beyond to create fantastic outcomes for our customers.


Client Stories