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Our agency specializes in new construction homes in South Shore, MA. We represent both developers and buyers.

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Hitching Post Lane, Norwell, MA and 1 White Ash Farm, Scituate, MA.

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Benefits of Buying New Construction

There can be significant benefits to buying a new construction home over buying a pre-existing home and planning to renovate. The most important advice when you are buying a home is to be prepared. When you do your homework before you choose, the results will be extremely rewarding. 

Top Three Reasons to Buy a New Construction Home 

1. IT'S YOURS...

Building a new construction home means you live in your dream home immediately instead of adapting to someone else’s choice of style. No other family will have lived in this home. It has been built with YOU in mind. Subsequently, you have the opportunity to customize it to your specific style. There are many opportunities for new construction in the south shore real estate market. so you can move into your ideal home right away!


Building codes have changed! Over the past five years, the standards of building new homes have dramatically intensified in Massachusetts. New construction homes are designed around today’s standards. From 2 x 6 construction to High Wind Velocity protection, the materials going into new homes are a better quality than materials typically used in older homes. Features can include larger closets, open floor plans, and storage options that older homes do not provide. 

New Construction homes are energy efficient, low maintenance, and feature state-of-the-art finishes, and systems. Additionally, new construction homes are required to comply with HERS (home energy rating system). The home must meet today’s energy code requirements. Consequently, if you buy new construction you are getting the advantages of gold standard energy efficiency, a “greener” home, lower running costs, and a higher resale value. 

3. PEACE OF MIND... Less Maintenance 

  • New homes feature brand new operating systems, which typically do not require maintenance for quite some time. 
  • Warranty: the builder will warranty the home for one year, allowing you time to address any major issues. 
  • Cost: although new homes may cost slightly more on the front end, you will save money on energy bills, operating costs, and maintenance while you live there. 

The team at Michelle Larnard Real Estate Group will guide you through buying a new construction home so you can achieve successful results. Contact us or register to get updated listings, new real estate opportunities, and new construction homes.